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Wedding Catering Wood Fired Style

By luffy77, Dec 2 2015 12:47PM

We have had a very successful and creative 2015 and the Wedding season in particular has been very interesting and fun indeed.

We have met some fanstastic couples who have shown so much creativity in their Wedding plans and thinking outside of the traditional ways in which we think that a Wedding should be!

Wedding catering has evolved massively over the last few years with the rapid emergence of some fantastic "Street Food" offerings, from Mexican food to Peruvian Cuisine we have seen a huge selection of different ideas that have accompanied us at various Wedding venues across the country.

I am excited by the fact that couples are now broadening their horizons when it comes to choosing a Wedding Caterer as there are so many New ideas that bring more than just food to a Special Day.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we can add a really captivating and interesting aspect to a Wedding or Party with our Copper Wood Fired oven, the Wood Fired Pizzas we serve are obviously fantastic (so I have been reliably informed) but I feel it needs to be more than that and that is why we pay as much attention to the visual aspect of our service.

Although we get a lot of compliments on the Pizza itself , we get just as many for the way that we set up the Wood Fired Oven and serving tables.

The visual impact of the Copper Wood Fired oven when it is blazing away at over 500 degress is absolutely stunning (especially in Winter when everyone benefits from the heat)!

The oven is a real statement piece and it always amuses me how many people are watching us as we drive it across the country from Wedding to Wedding, you can see the passengers in the cars craning their necks to try a guess what that Beautiful Copper Dome is that we are towing behind our trailer!!

Due to the increased success and popularity of the Wedding Catering option we are due to add further ovens to our inventory to keep up with the demand for Fresh Wood Fired Pizza.

We are also launching a range of home Wood Fired ovens so that you can purchase one for a loved one as a gift. Your own Wood Fired oven so that you can cook Pizza, Steak, Fish and even the Christmas Dinner!! Yes I have cooked Christmas dinner in one before and it was Awesome!!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us this far and we look forward to some very exciting times ahead.


Oct 13 2017 05:33AM by Roam'In Pizza

Thanks for sharing this lovely collection of pizza flavors.

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