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By luffy77, Oct 19 2016 08:31PM

We have been really busy with a large amount of Weddings, Corporate Events and Birthday Parties.

I started this company thinking that we would be pretty busy but completely under estimated the interest in our Unique Catering option and it has given me the opportunity to grow the Company really quickly.

We know have 3 fantastic Wood Fired ovens ranging from the original (and still amazing!) Copper Wood fired oven to our new Sleek purpose built Wood Fired Oven!

On top of this we have had a lot of success with the Gorgeous Citroen HY van which we acquired last year, as it looks so quirky we get a huge amount of compliments on the set up and it really sells itself!!

The topping options are growing all the time with the recent additions of a gorgeous "GreeK Pizza" consisting of Feta, Sunblush Tomatoes and olives and a lovely Bacon & Brie option.

We are due to be featured in 2 very large magazine publications in the next few weeks so please can keep an eye out for some great articles on how we deliver such a unique and effective catering option.

Whether you are looking for Wedding caterers, Corporate Event caterers or someone to provide Fresh Wood fired Pizza for a Birthday Party then look no further.

Come and see for yourselves what all the fuss is about!



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